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  • Endiya Watkins

Adopting a Vegetarian Life on an Everyday Budget

The media often portrays the vegetarian diet as something that is exclusively available for those who make upper-middle-class or high-class earnings. Although the diets of the rich and famous such as Ellen DeGeneres and Carrie Underwood are showcased on TV and on social media, the representation of middle and lower-class vegetarians is slim to none. For this reason, many Union county citizens, despite the longing for a healthy meat-free diet, are often intimidated by the thought of a possibly more expensive eating regimen. The idea that only people with high incomes can enjoy the nitrous and delicious benefits of a meat-free diet is completely untrue. Anyone, no matter where they live or how much they make can obtain a balanced vegetarian diet, that includes you! With the combined use of local fresh food markets and willpower, you too can obtain the vegetarian diet that keeps ending up on your list of New Year’s resolutions every year.

Your brand new vegetarian diet starts at your local fresh food market. Some great places to start are “Terry Simpson’s Farm Fresh Produce'', and your local “Food Lion''. These stores hold a variety of vegetarian-friendly food options at exceptionally reasonable prices. At Terry’s produce shop you can score tomatoes and peaches at just 1.99 per pound, as well as strawberries and blackberries for just 3.99 a pound. These fruits hold properties that help with eyesight, hair growth, nail growth, and even memory, just to name a few of the wonderful properties a vegetarian diet can give you in Union county, and at a fair price. A great thing about ``Food Lion”, is the store’s availability when it comes to fruits and vegetables that may be out of season at the time. For example, despite cucumbers being out of season locally and therefore out of stock in most farmers' markets nearby, you can still find them at your local Food Lion year-round. With the help of Food Lion, you can create a plethora of different and delicious vegetarian dishes, from vegetable casseroles to smoothies, to salads, to homemade trail mixes for you and your family, and believe it or not, the individual ingredients of all the meal ideas listed are under five dollars apiece. Clementines, grapes, cantaloupes, blueberries, and bananas are just a few of the many fresh fruits that can be bought from Food Lion for under four dollars a pound. In comparison, quick, unhealthy, non-vegetarian meals served at fast-food restaurants on average cost over six dollars for just one meal for one person, whereas the meals listed above could feed multiple people for the same price. The vegetarian diet is not only more healthy for you, but it is also more economically friendly for you as well.

The vegetarian diet can be taken on by any Union County citizen no matter what predicament they may be in or how much they may make. Health should never be something only attainable by the wealthy, and it certainly is not. The only thing you need is willpower to carry out your desired diet, and a big appetite for the meals awaiting you in the future.

Link to “Food Lion”:

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Health Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this writing are those of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the Food Council of Union County. We are grateful for these articles and research done by the Wingate University GPS 220 students. Although these students researched their topics, they are not medical providers. Any health information presented is for educational purposes only and does not substitute professional health or medical advice.

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